(Approximately 90-105 lbs per cubic ft.)




P         An excellent material for burnishing and coloring on all metals.

LL        This versatile bond has light cutting ability and long wear life while producing excellent surface finished when combined with proper compound.

MC       A popular bond with excellent cutting ability yet a wear rate only slightly higher than our LL bond. imparts a light matte finish to all metals.

PC       Our fastest cutting bond is a good choice when fast time cycles are required on tough burr applications. A special blend of abrasives maintains good wear rates.

SC       Silicon Carbide abrasives are blended to provide aggressive cut down and excellent surface preparation. Used for parts to be welded or brazed.

UL       Low density ceramic media is extremely lightweight (approximately 65 lbs. per cubic ft.), and is formulated with fine abrasives for low r.m.s. preplate finishing results equal to plastic media.